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Flexible Bore scopes

Flexible inspection instruments that can be articulated or flexed


Frequently Asked Questions

I have reviewed product QVBS6-4W-3M, I want to know about hub conection online via internet. Is it possible to access the results live via online internet without transfer from SD storage? thanks.
Currently you cannot access Quasar remotely via internet.
In order to transfer files you can use either an SD card or a USB port.
Just an enquiry - we are in South Africa. What would the cost of the camera be in South African Rands? Shipping costs? Thanks
All prices at our website are in US dollars. Please use relevant exchange rate tables to convert prices into your local currency.
For shipping costs, you would need to speak to any of our sales representatives.
Is the camera color or black/write? I dont think this is explicitly mentioned.

It does not seem possible to buy an extra probe but only to specify one to go with the main part. Is this correct?
1. The camera is color.
2. You can buy extra/replacement probes of any length or diameter for Voyager.
All probes for this model are interchangeable. Please contact any of our sales representatives for pricing.

General Information

Thank you for coming! Here you will find updated information about modern Bore scopes and Fiberscope offered by MEDIT INC. All video inspection instruments and equipment presented on this web site can be purchased from our online catalog and web store www.fiberoptic

Whats new?
The newest technology in bore scopes field is - video bore scopes or video bore scopes. It is a whole new innovation that use digital image transfer instead of transferring optical image through optical fiber. It sometimes called "CHIP on the TIP"

Client Testimonials

I am fairly satisfied; however, I made a mistake by ordering the 20 meter unit. It’s too much cable to manage and when pushing through 2.5” stainless you can only push through several 90 degree bends and a total length of about 25 feet before you loose your ability to push any further. Also, I got the 70 degree mirror which gives me a good angle on the welds but the slightest bit of dust on the mirror shows up on the screen and in the photos. It’s a challenge to get quality photos even when constantly cleaning the mirror with a cotton swab then blowing with a can of dust remover. I am using this unit to scope welds in sanitary stainless tubing. I have used some Olympus products prior that I rented. The Olympus Iplex is too expensive and only goes in 12-18 feet and the other unit was more of a pipe camera that is used for “rough” service. The pipe camera is quite rigid and can be pushed about 100’ through a straight run but is limited as soon as you start going through 90 degree bends. Good service and fast shipping. Also, I had a couple of questions about the unit that were answered by phone on the spot.
Marvin Reeder
Overall I am very satisfied with the borescope. Everything is working properly. The sales team was helpful and courteous. I am a structural engineer who works on historic buildings. Frequently you can find me in an attic or a crawlspace under the floor - generally not the easiest conditions to work in. A couple of times, the cable from the bore scope to the computer became disconnected from the bore scope. I wish that the cable connection to the unit itself was a little more substantial or was lockable. Otherwise, the unit performed as I expected. I can't think of any other products that I may purchase in the near future or any other products that I would like to see offered.
Mark & Sandy Kanonik